Hits & History

Live Sound Recording

Create high-quality audio in our ideal setting with the most skilled engineers and cutting-edge equipment. For years, Hits & History Studios has professionally recorded the music of pop singers, rock bands, hip hop artists, acoustic instrumentalists, and voiceover clients

Music Production

Your home to create & collaborate. Whether your recording midi or live instruments, Hits & History is equipped for you to walk in and get right to it.

Voice Over Audio

When it comes to voice-over audio, Hits & History Studios is one of the most trusted names. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your voice-over and dubbing needs. Our primary goal is to provide solutions at the most competitive prices and the quickest turnaround times possible.


Trust us to be your reliable podcast platform, with a creative environment & our latest technology, we make managing your podcast production and audio files easier.

Audiobook Services

We assist authors and publishers with the recording and production of audiobooks. Our main goal is to give a phenomenal audiobook-producing experience from the very beginning of the project to the end.

About Us

Hits & History Studios, based in Los Angeles, CA, is your one-stop shop for audio recording, music production, voice over and podcast projects. With daily and weekly rental options, our premiere H&H plug & play recording studios are private, turn-key, and fully equipped and ready to accommodate your audio recording needs. We work with the A list professionals, as well as the newly interest creative just starting out.
Make H&H Studios your home for all recording needs!

Open 24/7

At Hits & History Studios, we are equipped with the latest tools and softwares to give you a unique experience. Some are listed here.


Pro-tools 12


Logic 10


Samick upright piano


Universal Audio Apollo x16


Neuman TLM103


Yamaha MOXF8 keyboard


Avalon 737SP


Client Testimonials

A few words from the greats that have recorded at Hits & History…

Brian Kennedy

Hits & History music studio is easily one of the best studios I’ve ever worked in. The quality plus the aesthetic immediately puts me in the most elevated creative state to write and produce. I’ve worked on many projects there and everyone of them has that magical energy tide to it. It’s definitely a place

Grammy award-winning Songwriter, Producer, Entrepreneur

Bridget Horton

We can’t say enough good things about Hits and History! The studio is state of the art in every way! From the sound booth to the additional event space, you will walk into a full-service studio that you can record a song and produce a video all in one setting! Hits and History is a


Tomás N Carrillo

H&H studios is one of my favorite spots to work out of! Whether I’m tracking vocals or working on music production it’s a great place to feel creative and inspired. The staff is always accommodating and responsive. And I always get a great

Producer / Engineer

Robot Scott

Hits & History is one of my favorite vibe studios to work in. It is super affordable and has the right sound. It’s Great for a private intimate vibe and with the LED booth it’s great for photo opps and content as well as getting real professional work done. I did most of a RCA

Triangle Park Music

Shelley Segal

Hits and History is the perfect studio! A hideaway haven in Hollywood with everything you need to create

True Music Inc

Brandon N. Caddell

Working with Rachel at Hits and History Studios is always a Good Experience. Great location and Private Space that allows you and your clients an awesome place to


It’s Lefemme In Ya Area!

I have been going to H&H for years and it’s by far 1 of my favorite places to record in the city! Never let’s me

Revoice Media

Hits and History is my go-to any time I need a podcast studio for my clients. Its a pro room that I’m always excited to work out

Founder & Executive Producer